S T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin - New Faces [Alice] @CosmeticFair
Mouth - Pxl [SweetLips]
Hair - Lelutka [Honor]
Hat - Deadwool [Fedora Hat]
Top - Kitja [Sissy Top]
Jacket - Seul [Leather Fringe Jacket] @Uber
Pants - Rowne [Lyn Trousers]
Bag - Le Primitif [Camera_Bag] @TheArcade
Shoes - Essenz [Detroit]
Jewel - Empyrean Forge [Heritage set]
Body Piece - May Soul [majestic chain]

Look 02:
Hair - Little Bones [Lady] @N-21
Hat - Lode [Sombre with straps] @ShinnyShabby
Top - Pixicat [Bohemian Top] @Uber
Pants - Seul [Eniko Trousers]
Fur - Saikin [Fur wrap]
Shoes - Eudora 3D [Reverie Wedges] @Uber
Clutch - Zenith [Vintage Leather Clutch] @TheLiaisonCollaborative
BodyPiece - Noodles [Scarlett Body Chain]
Pose - Label Motion [Misha05]



S T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Mithral Apothecary [Lead]
Hat - LaGyo [Vintage fold hat]
Top - Ison [celestial bell sleeve top] @Uber
Skirt - Eudora 3d [Mabelle Skirt] @TheLiaisonCollaborative 
Boots - Gizza [Thigh High Boots]
Bag - Le Primitif [Anam_Duffle Bag] @ShinyShabby
Necklace - LaGyo [Nymp long necklace]

Look 02:
Hair - Lelutka [Aaliyah]
Hat - Rowne [Cambridge Brim Hat]
Top - Kitja [Ava T-Shirt] @N-21
Skirt - Pixicat [Victoria Skirt] @TheFantasyCollective
Shoes - Essenz [Florence] @WithLoveFair
Bag - Zenith [Tassel Bag]
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer [Sirius Star Crystal]



S T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Little Bones [Crystal Days]
Beanie - Wonton [Pearl Wool Beanie]
Top - Ingenue[Leighty Top]
Coat - Overhigh [OverShoulders Coat]
Pants - Kitja [Pipe Pants]
Suspenders - Kari [Schwarz Suspenders]
Shoes - Queen[Business]
Bag - 7891 [The Minaudiere Pearl Clutch]
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer[Sirius Star Crystal]

Look 02 :
Hair - Mithral Apothecary [Alkaline] @Collabor88
Top - Mai Bilavio [Uma Leather Crop Top]
Sweater - CoCo [SweaterOverShoulders]
Pants -Spirit [Charlotta highpants] @Collabor88
Shoes - Essenz [St. Louis]
Bag - Rowne [Vittoria Leather Tote] @Collabor88
Phone - Le Primitif [Bashful Bear Phone]
Rings - Ariskea [Trance]



S T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Pr!tty [Adriana]
Hat - Gizza [Colette Cap] @TheChapterFour
Jumpsuit - Candy Doll [Belle Jumpsuit] @Bulesque
Blazer - Seul [Eniko Blazer]Trend3
Necklace - Chic Zafari [Zebra Safari Jewell]
Shoes - Co57 [Lynette Sandal]

Look 02:
Hair -Little Bones [Eros Taken] @Uber
Hat -[F]oil [Vida Scarf Wrap Cap] @Trend3
Top - Rinka [Darcy Top]
Vest - Ryvolter [Kenley Double-Breasted Wool Vest]
Skirt - Gizza [Colette Pencil Skirt] @TheChapterFour
Shoes - Essenz [Cancun]
Necklace - Kunglers [Neptune necklace]



S T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin - New Faces [Greta] @Kustom9
Hair - Little Bones [Pine Needle]
Top - Cameo 6ixx [Alek Fur Cropped Sweater] @Kustom9
Skirt - Lethal [Tesa Knot Maxi] @Kustom9
Blazer - Emery [Lennox Over Shoulders Blazer] @Collabor88
Shoes - Le Primitif [Akira_Sandal] @ProjectLimited
Bag - DDL [Love Me Harder]
Rings - 7891 [North Star]
Necklace - Lvl93 [Vintage 93Rue Cambon Necklace] @Kustom9

Look 02:
Hair - Mithral Apothecary [Alloy]
Dress - Pepe [Sydney Wrap Dress] @Trend3
Jacket - CoCo [Biker Jacket Over Shoulders]
Clutch - BvddyX [N.XX Clutch]
Shoes - Reign [Fett Plats] @N21
Necklace - Le Primitif [OversizedLock Necklace] @TMD



S T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Tableau Vivant [Cadance] @Collabor88
Dress - Erratic [trisha ruffle dress]
Coat - David Heather [Eaton Fur Coat] @Uber
Clutch - Cameo 6ixx[Nevra Leather Clutch] @Uber
Shoes - Pixicat [Unicorn Heel] @Collabor88
Necklace - Yummy [Pearl & Diamond Necklace] @Uber

Look 02:
Hair - Dela [Sydney]
Dress - Pixicat [Frostbitten Dress] @TheSecretAffair
Blazer - Emery [Lennox Over Shoulders Blazer] @Collabor88
Clutch - Chic Zafari [Diamond Clutch]
Shoes - Violent Seduction [Unicorn Shoes] @Collabor88
Jewelry - Candy Doll [Pearl Colection] @TheChapterFour



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Dura [Boys&Girls*55]
Coat - Amitomo [Oversized coat & Turtleneck] @TheChapterFour
Skirt - Emery [Gothenburg skirt]
Boots -Ison [avery strap boots] (Not for sell anymore)
Bag - Zenith [ucket Bag]@Fameshed
Necklace - Zenith [Egypt Necklace]
Earrings - Swallow [HeartWings]
Cigarette - LaGyo [Mahalia cigarette]

Look 02:
Hair - Dura [4 year Anniversary hair]
Sweater - Pixicat [Crop Sweater]@Kustom9
Skirt - Ryvolter [Ryn Vicose Wrap Skirt]@Uber
Vest - Faun [Linx Fur Vest]
Bag - LaGyo [Sienna Faux fur bag]
Boots -Fishy Strawberry [Cut-out Bootie]
Necklace - Eudora 3D [Corsair Necklace]
Ring - Swallow [handmade Ring]
Hat - Deadwool [Fedora hat]
Pose - Label Motion [Gwen Pose 1]


look 220

S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair - Magika [Gone]
Cap - Rerty [Foolek Beanie]
Blouse - Kitja [Juci Shirt] @FeMESHed
Pants - Seul [Leather Joggers] @Uber
Shoes - PaperBag [The Ortho Platform] @TDRfusion
Bag - Lelutka [Birger bag]
Necklace - LaGyo [Wintermoon necklace] @TheSeasonStory
Bracelet and Rings - Swallow [Comet set]
Chips - Elle Mode [Chips bag]
Pose - Label Motion [Gwen 06]

Skin - New Faces [Kendra]@kuston9
Hair - Taketomi [Kira Bento]
Jacket and Sweater - Pixicat [Oversized.Jacket]@TheSeasonStory
Leggings - Le Primitif [HighWaist Leggings]
Shoes – tulip (closed)
Bag - Co57 [Katana Speedy Bag]
Necklace - Dirty Mind [Eagle Necklace]
Headpiece - Swallow [SnowQueen Gems]
Coffee - Starbucks [Starbucks coffee to go]



This is an Collaboration with my friend Nittinha Aeon, hope you guys like it !

S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look01 (Gwen Aloix) :
Hair – Little Bones [Ce Soir] @Frost
Hat –  Seul [Candice Cat Hat]
Sweater –  Milk Motion [Belted sweater/silk dress] @Collabor88
Skirt –  Spirit Store [Sixteen skirt]
Bag –  YS&YS [Viareggio Special Edition] @TheDressingRoom
Rings –  7891 [The Estate Rings Collection]
Shoes –  Ingenue [Odette Heels]

Look02 (Nittinha Aeon) :
Check Nittinha Aeon Credits HERE !



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair,Hat - Fashionable Dead [Witchy Girl W/Hat] @Collabor88
Blouse - Indie Rose [Silk Blouse]
Top - Ryvolter [Frith Knit Ribbed Crop] @Uber
Vest - Ryvolter [Kenley Double-Breasted Wool Vest] @Uber
Pants - Le Primitif [Love Him BF Jeans] @My Attic
Boots - Co57 [Alena Wedge Boot Short] @Winter Trend SL
Clutch - David Heather [Skalidi Clutch] @Uber
Necklace - Kunglers [Bantu necklace] @Jewelry&Accessory Expo

Skin - New Faces [Mei Ying]
Hair - Vanity Hair [The Cotton Club]
Hat - Lelutka [Revenche Hat] @Uber
Dress - Gato [Tennis Dress]
Blazer - Gizza [Suede Blazer]
Coat - Fashionable Dead [Fur Trim Duster] @Collabor88
Boots - Co57 [Alena Wedge Boot High] @Winter Trend SL
Clutch - Wonton [Giyanni Case Clutch] @Jewelry&Accessory Expo