S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair – Dura [Boys&Girls*55]
Coat – Amitomo [Oversized coat & Turtleneck] @TheChapterFour
Skirt – Emery [Gothenburg skirt]
Boots –Ison [avery strap boots] (Not for sell anymore)
Bag – Zenith [ucket Bag]@Fameshed
Necklace – Zenith [Egypt Necklace]
Earrings – Swallow [HeartWings]
Cigarette – LaGyo [Mahalia cigarette]

Look 02:
Hair – Dura [4 year Anniversary hair]
Sweater – Pixicat [Crop Sweater]@Kustom9
Skirt – Ryvolter [Ryn Vicose Wrap Skirt]@Uber
Vest – Faun [Linx Fur Vest]
Bag – LaGyo [Sienna Faux fur bag]
Boots –Fishy Strawberry [Cut-out Bootie]
Necklace – Eudora 3D [Corsair Necklace]
Ring – Swallow [handmade Ring]
Hat – Deadwool [Fedora hat]
Pose – Label Motion [Gwen Pose 1]


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