S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair,Hat – Fashionable Dead [Witchy Girl W/Hat] @Collabor88
Blouse – Indie Rose [Silk Blouse]
Top – Ryvolter [Frith Knit Ribbed Crop] @Uber
Vest – Ryvolter [Kenley Double-Breasted Wool Vest] @Uber
Pants – Le Primitif [Love Him BF Jeans] @My Attic
Boots – Co57 [Alena Wedge Boot Short] @Winter Trend SL
Clutch – David Heather [Skalidi Clutch] @Uber
Necklace – Kunglers [Bantu necklace] @Jewelry&Accessory Expo

Skin – New Faces [Mei Ying]
Hair – Vanity Hair [The Cotton Club]
Hat – Lelutka [Revenche Hat] @Uber
Dress – Gato [Tennis Dress]
Blazer – Gizza [Suede Blazer]
Coat – Fashionable Dead [Fur Trim Duster] @Collabor88
Boots – Co57 [Alena Wedge Boot High] @Winter Trend SL
Clutch – Wonton [Giyanni Case Clutch] @Jewelry&Accessory Expo


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