post 207


S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin – New Faces [Mei Ying]
Make up – New Faces [Magda lipstick /Glam school eyeshadow] The Chapter Four
Hair – Moon [Light Headed Wanderer]
Blouse – C’est la vie [Zita Drape Top]
Skirt – Ryvolter [Sarai Studded Wrap Skirt]
Clutch – 1992 [Prism Clutch]
Shoes – Co57 [Xiah Sandal]
Shades – Le Primitif [Flourish Sunglasses]

Look 02:
Skin – New Faces [Rosie Slink head app]
Hair – Pepe hair [Kylie]
Blouse – Rowne [Alexia Dress] Collabor88
Leggings – Overhigh [Leather Leggins]
Clutch – Swallow [Killer Clutch]
Shoes – Candy Doll [Celeste]
Shades – 7891 [Chain Round Shades]
Jewelry – Lagyo [Morgan set] Collabor88

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