S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Camila/IvoryNight] The Chapter 4
Hair – Tableau Vivant [Hill/Dreads series]
Shirt – Deadwool [Nimes Denim Shirt/Dark Blue] The Chapter 4
Jacket – Overhigh [Ladies Parka/Brown]
Shorts – Emery [Wrap Short Melbourne Tanager] Fameshed
Bag – Mutresse [Muci Clutch] Fameshed
Boots – C’est la vie [Chukka Boots/Brown] The Chapter 4
Socks – Izzie’s [Tights torn]
Necklace – [f]oil [Love Me Necklace/Red] Stuff in Stock
Earrings – Swallow [Groupie Gold Earring]
Pose – Skbio [Wearisome/03]

Volupturaptor Perl:


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