S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – Glam Affair [Lucy/America 06 G] The Arcade
Hair – Analog dog [just sayin’/blanched(my bad)] The Arcade
Tunic – Vive9 Ryvolter [Turtleneck Tunic/Off White]
Jacket – U.f.O. [urban zakapa jacket/Red] Collabor88
Boots , Bag – Ison [Cult riding boots/Carmine] , [Folded leather clutch/Black] Collabor88
Socks – WWI [Army Girl Garters/Red]
Bracelet – Pure Poison [Gol Leather Bracelets]
Necklace 1 – Maxi Gossamer [Nima’s Fall Leaf Necklace/Long] Collabor88
Necklace 2 – Kosh [The key necklace]


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