Hi Guys!

It’s us once again.This time we turned out into some spring glam girls. Firstly, we gotta say that this time at collabor is one of the best just because we are so in love with spring stuff (floral, fresh tones , brightness and stuff).

We have chosen blue tones, in a tribute to the pre-summer: Clear skies, cold soda, sea and stuff. We must say that the shirts with discolored print as the right one (gwen’s) are so known in SL as in RL, and it’s an easy way to wear simple high-waisted shorts.

hope you enjoy the looks and have been so inspiring and enjoyable for you. A cordial greeting.


S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

On Mery:
Skin – New Faces – [Mei Ying/Ivory]
Hair – LOQ Hair – [Sherry] Coming Soon
Top – The Secret Store – [Betsy Halter Tank/Grey Blue] Collabor 88
Skirt – House of Fox – [Ruffle Skirt/Shell] Collabor 88
Shoes – Milk Motion – [block heeled sandals/Pink] Collabor 88
Clutch – LaGyo – [Maylea Clutch/Flowers 1] Collabor 88
Necklace - LaGyo – [Maylea Necklace/Withe] Collabor 88
Bracelets - LaGyo – [Mirte Bangle/Gold]

On Gwen:
Skin – New Faces [Bianca/ivory]
Hair – Lamb [ Austin/Powder] Collabor88
Top – Tee*fy [Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top/Fade] Collabor88
Skirt – C’est la vie [Elley skirt/Lace ivory] The Chapter 4
Shoes – Renegade [Acier Plaque Platform Sandals/White] Kustom9
Clutch – Luxe [Unicorn Clutch/Holographic]
Blazer – CoCo [Jacket Over Shoulders/LightBlue] Fameshed
Necklace – Renegade [Triple Command Necklace/Gold] Kustom9



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin – Glam Affair [Brandi/Asia] Cutie Moon Fair
Hair – Tableau Vivant  [Springer Hair/Solstice] Collabor88
Dress - Gizza [Shirley Cardigan Dress/Solid]
Sandals – Co57 [Emily Sandals Lo/Nude&Gold]
Bag – Ison [Canvas bucket bag/Light gray] The Men’s Department
Bangle – Ariskea [Tresor mesh bangle/Gold Ebene]
Necklace – LaGyo [Mackenzie/Gold]
Pose – Chantilly – [Hot Like Wow]

Look 02:
Skin – New Faces [Mei Ying/Iovry] Cosmetic Fair
Hair – Moon [Hush/Ombre Brunettes] Collabor88
Sweater – Celoe [Lyn/Black]
Pants – Ison [Stretched trousers/Dark gray] The Men’s Department
Sandal – Le Primitif [Fishbone_Sandals/Brown] The Season Story
Earrings – [f]oil [Twisted Hoop/Yellow]
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer [Zulaikha Lattice/Choker]
Hat – C’est la vie [Porkpie hat/Straw]
Fish – Le Primitif [I Won A Fish]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Megan/ivory] The Chapter 4
Hair – Kik [Abbie II/White blonde 3]
Dress – Faenzo [Silk Flare Dress/Orchid] Collabor88
Shoes – Chic Zafari [Escarpin Couture UltraV/Blue]
Bag – B.c.c [Moon Fairy Shoulder Bag/Neptune] Cutie Moon Fair
Necklace – H.m.a.e.m. [Skuro/001b] salimar luxury district
Earrings – [F]oil [Lock Horns Tunnel Earring/Blue&Gold]
Sweater – CoCo [SweaterOverShoulders/BlackStripe] The Chapter 4
Pose – Imeka [Reika/03]


Hello fashion victims!

Mery: I wanted to inform you that from now, Mery Haramori will join this blog.

Today we bring you a post with looks for spring, something with which we are amazed (finally sandals!)..also we would like to introduce a small new: Brand Faenzo owned by hervé Faenzo, is madly working on a spectacular new collection of spring / summer! and soon we can buy it and enjoy it in a store in world which is also working on. You can see some of the products in this post.

Have a nice day!


S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

On Mery :
Skin – Fiore – [Mocha] @ Skin Fair 2014
Hair – Faenzo – [Three] @ Collabor88
Sweater – Faenzo – [Knit Embroidered Logo] (Coming Soon)
Skirt – Faenzo – [Snake Print Leather Skirt] (Coming Soon)
Shoes – Ryvolter – [Nastasya Suede Circle Sandals]
Clutch – Faenzo – [Lleather Fold-Over Clutch] (Coming Soon)
Necklace – Yummy – [Monday Morning Necklace] @ Collabor88
Earrings – Judas [Chanwl Pearl Earrings]
Pose – Imeka [Bonnie/08]

On Gwen :
Skin - New Faces [Lyandra/Univesal mesh head app] (soon)
Hair – Lamb [Pretty Little Neighbor/Tiramisu]
Dress – Overhigh [Alice Dress/Pearl]
Leggings – Faenzo [Zip Pocket Leather Pants/Sand] (Soon)
Shoes – Eudora 3D [Harker Heels/P&C]
Bag – Faenzo [Leather Shoulder Bag/Cayenne](soon)
Necklace – Glow [Briolette Long Necklace/Rubin,gold] 50% off
Pose – Label Motion [Ari/03]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Style 1:
Skin – New Faces [Megan - Visage Head App/Ivory]
Hair – Exxess” [Indra Mesh Hair/Light Brown]
Blouse – Vive9 [Nicola Turtleneck Crop/White]
Bra – Gizza [Wild Seduction - Bra]
Skirt - Ariskea [Kat attack mesh skirt/Bleu] RockAttitude Fair
Shoes – BsD [Djinn Immortal/silver]
Bag – [F]oil [Chino Tote/White] The Soho Market
Headpiece – LaGyo [Rebel headpiece/Black]

Style 2:
Skin – New Faces [Megan - Visage Head App/Mocha]
Hair – CatWa [Mesh Selena Hair/2]
Blouse – Illmatic [Starships Holographic Tee/Silver] kustom9
Bag – LaGyo [Mackenzie tote bag/White&Gold] Collabor88
Shoes – 1992 [ Leighton Pumps/Neutrals Pack] kustom9
Glasses – Sorgo [ARK /White]
Necklace – Mandala [Chunkeeey 24k/Gold]
Ring – [F]oil [Armor Index Ring /Gold]
Kneepiece – random Matter [Vessel - Leg Chain/Solid White]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin - Fiore [Mocha/spf20] Skin Fair
Hair – Moon [Chandler/Hazelnut]
Beanie – 2 byte [K9 beanie/Khaki] Kustom9
Top – Offbeat [Daily Tee Shirt 1] Kustom9
Legging – La Penderie de Nicole [My Wool Leggings Casual/Beige]
Shoes – Renegade [T-Strap Platfrom Sandals/White] Kustom9
Shirt – CoCo [ShirtAroundWaist/CheckSky]
Bag – 7891 [ Moxchino-Rider Jacket Bag/White]
Bracelet – Modern Couture [Lion'D Versache Gold Bracelet]
Necklace – Mandala [Chunkeeey 24k/Gold]
Earrings – [F]oil [No69 Clear Hoop/Gold/Blue]
Pose – Imeka [Neva/08]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Lyandra/ivory] Skin Fair
Hair – Tableau Vivant [Petit hair/Dark Blonds] The Arcade
Dress – Gizza [Belted Dress/Argly Soil]
Jacket – Diram [Nyssa Jacket&Corset/Beige]
Hat – OverHigh [Hat/Black]
Shoes – Ryvolter [Cara Trotter Pumps/Black]
Clutch – Le Primitif [Leather Wallet - Creme] FaMeshed
Phone – Le Primitif [Plain_L Note/White] The Men’s Dept.
Necklace – Yummy [Heart Locket/Gold I Love You]
Pose – Label Motion [When you least expect it]


post 180

S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – By Me
Hair – Avonrepus [Hair 002/Black01]
Tank – Tee*fy [Tucked Tank/Cream]
Jacket – H.o.f. [Satin Bomber/Black] Collabor88
Skirt – Chic Zafari [Mila Skirt/Houndstooth]
Socks – Just Design [Boyfriend Socks]
Shoes – B.c.c. [About Time Walker Shoes/Ivory] Collabor88
Bag – Eudora 3D [Tote Bag/Blacks]
Necklace , Earrings – [f]oil [Nº5 Necklace/Black] ,[Sway Door Knockers/Gold]
Bracelets – Pichi [Nayla Stud Bracelet/Black&Gold]

Cieleste Magic :



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – By Me
Hair – Maiown [Josy/Blonde02]
Top – Overhigh [Serena Blouse/Black]
Skirt – Ryvolter [Liane Leather Pencil Skirt/Black]
Fur – Maxi Gossamer [Fur Bolero/Black bear]
Belt – Esque [Bullet Metal Belt/Bronze]
Bag , Bangle – 7891 [Chanil Double C Bag/Black&White], [Chanil Glass Bangle/Gold]
Shoes – Lethal [Working Girl Pump/Noir] Kustom9
Collar – LaGyo [Mirte necklace/Gold] Collabor88

Linx Lysette: