S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O


Skin – New Faces [Natasha]
Hair – Lelutka [Christine] Hair Fair
Sweater – Ryvolver [Asymmetrical Knit Sweater]
Shorts – Overhigh [Cordelia]
Shoes – Candy Doll [Raviosa]
Bag – Zenith Fashion [Leather National minority bag]
Necklace – Lagyo [Nymp long necklace]
Make-up – New Faces [Magda]
Pose - Label Motion [Belen03]


Hair – Lelutka [Charlene] Hair Fair
Top – Le Primitif [Juliard tee]
Shorts – Spirit Store [Lili Shorts] The Season Story
Boots – Ison [Cult Riding boots]
Bag – C’est la vie [Sally Circle Bag]
Necklace – Ison [Safari Tribe necklace]
Pose – Imeka [Claire06]



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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin – New Faces [Dakota] Kustom9
Hair – Taketomi [Ayame Bento]
Dress – Deadwool [Wyeth Dress]
Bag – Cocoroni [Tote bag]
Flats – Erratic [florence-Espadrille]
Glasses – Faun [Hex Glasses] kustom9

Look 02:
Hair – Lelutka [Ripley]
Blouse – Tres blah [Long Sleeve Collared Blouse]
Skirt – Layover [Acid Washed Slit Skirt] kustom9
Flats – Mango cheeks [Stupid Cupid Flats]
Bag – Amitomo [Black Mood Backpack] kustom9
Necklace – Glow [Briolette Long Necklace]
Glasses – Ariskea [Ozzy mesh Glasses]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Style 01:
Hair – Lelutka [Maleficent/Knoted]
Jacket – Rowne [Minou Leather Jacket] Soon
Dress – Overhigh [Kim Dress]
Shoes – Rowne [Atrix Pumps] Soon
Clutch – Rowne [Valor 2-Tone Clutch] Soon
Necklace – Zenith [Azure Teal Stone Necklace/earrings]

Style 02 :
Hair – Elikatira [Jennie]
Jacket – Rowne [Xia Leather Jacket] Soon
Pants – Rowne [Chleo Leather Pants] Soon
Shoes – Eudora 3D [Shahrazad shoes]
Bag – Faenzo [Leather Shoulder Bag]
Sunglasses – Faenzo [Tortoiseshell Frame Sunglass]
Necklace – Overhigh [Snake necklace]
Earrings – [f]oil [Matisse Sea earrings]

Rowne will be open in saturday 28th at noon SLT.  
( If you want see all collection, please click HERE)



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Skin – By me
Hair – Milk Hair [Iggy hair]
Dress – Faenzo [Silk Bodycon Dress] Collabor88
Necklace – is no longer for sale
Earrings – [f]oil [Bamboo Triangle Hoop]
Clutch – 1992 [Prism Clutch]
Sunglasses – Le Primitif [Moshe] L’accessoires
Shoes - Co57 [Solange Sandal]
Pose – Marukin [Forever/Medley] Collabor88

Look 02:
Skin – By me
Hair – Fonde [Iggy]
Top – LpD [Sandra Jacket] The Chapter Four
Skirt – Milk Motion [Cutout Pencil skirt] Collabor88
Jewelry – Glow [Vega]
Clutch - 7891 [Proenza]
Shoes – Renegade [Chevron Cutout Platform] Kustom9
Pose – Chantilly [Bewittu] soon


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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Style 01:
Skin – New Faces [Tasha/ivory] Kustom9
Hair – Lelutka [6122]
Dress – H.m.a.e.m [res gestae]
Cape – Milk Motion [wool cape]
Clutch – Swallow [Safari Clutch]
Shoes - Le Primitif [Studded Leather Heels]
Pose – Imeka [Angel/02]

Style 02:
Skin – New Faces [Bianca/pale]
Hair – Lamb [Cry Baby] Collabor88
Dress – Amitomo [romantic long dress] Kustom9
Cape – Overhigh [Unisex Cloak]
Necklace – Swallow [Safari Necklace] Couturier’s Dock
Earrings – [f]oil [O'Rose Earring]
Flats – CandyDoll [Granny Flats] Kustom9
Pose – Imeka [Lucy/05]