S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair,Hat - Fashionable Dead [Witchy Girl W/Hat] @Collabor88
Blouse - Indie Rose [Silk Blouse]
Top - Ryvolter [Frith Knit Ribbed Crop] @Uber
Vest - Ryvolter [Kenley Double-Breasted Wool Vest] @Uber
Pants - Le Primitif [Love Him BF Jeans] @My Attic
Boots - Co57 [Alena Wedge Boot Short] @Winter Trend SL
Clutch - David Heather [Skalidi Clutch] @Uber
Necklace - Kunglers [Bantu necklace] @Jewelry&Accessory Expo

Skin - New Faces [Mei Ying]
Hair - Vanity Hair [The Cotton Club]
Hat - Lelutka [Revenche Hat] @Uber
Dress - Gato [Tennis Dress]
Blazer - Gizza [Suede Blazer]
Coat - Fashionable Dead [Fur Trim Duster] @Collabor88
Boots - Co57 [Alena Wedge Boot High] @Winter Trend SL
Clutch - Wonton [Giyanni Case Clutch] @Jewelry&Accessory Expo


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S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair - Slink [Tiffany Hair]
Top - 1992 [Collar Crop Top]
Coat - CoCo [ChesterCoat]
Skirt - Pixicat [Autumn.Skirt]
Boots - Ryvolter [Malin Thigh High Boots]
Clutch - LaGyo [Malika clutch]
Necklace – LaGyo [ox charm necklace] Fameshed

Hair - Elua [Wilma]
Coat - Seul [Elijah Overcoat]
Top - Idented [Button.up]
Skirt - 1992 [Round Mini Skirt]
Shoes - Candy Doll [Giselle] Uber Event
Bag - Rowne [Dita Leather Clutch]
Necklace – fashionably dead [Fox Necklace]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin - New Faces [Diana]
Hair - Lelutka [Charlene]
Headdress - Soul Distraction [The Native one]
Manteau - Zenith [Manteau with Shirt] The Arcade
Skirt - 1992 [Round Mini Skirt]
Shoes - Ison [lace-up gladiator sandals]
Bag - Zenith [Tassel Bag] The Arcade

Skin - New Faces [Mei Ying]
Hair - Taketomi [Haiwee]
Cape - Ison [winter cape]
Skirt - LpD [Justine Skirt]
Boots - Hilly Haalan [Haeven Slinky Tied Heels]
Necklace - Zenith [Dream Catcher Tassel Necklace] The Arcade



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair - Epoque [Follower] The Fantasy Collective
Dress -Candy Doll [Lolita Coat] Sad November
Scarf - Snips & Snails [Soopascarf]
Tights - Cannibelle [Suspender Tights ]
Bag - Zenith [Back to School Bag]
Shoes - BsD [Global citizen]
Dog - Oopsie [French Bulldog Puppy]

Skin - New Faces [Melanie] Kustom9
Hair - Soonsiki Hair [Spin the bottle]
Dress - LpD [Courtney]
Scarf - C L A Vv [Long Scarf]
Socks -Candy Doll [Windie Socks]
Boots - Overhigh [Henderson Boots]
Jewelry - Ison [safari tribe]
Cat - David Heather [Chic Pussy]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin – New Faces [Flora/make-up01]
Hair - Ison [Amber]
Hat - LaGyo [Skulls hat]
Necklace - Mandala [Legendary]
Necklace 2 - LaGyo [Hamsa necklace] Collabor88
Top - LpD [Americana]
Skirt - 1992 [Button-Up Maxi Skirt]
Shoes - Rowne [Nadja Sandals]
Clutch - LaGyo [The devil tarot clutch] Collabor88
Bracelets - Deadwool [leaves bracelet] [pearl bracelet] The Chapter 4
Ring - Le Primitif [Belle Fleur Ring Antique] Cirque de Seraphim
Earrings – Swallow [Skully Earring]

Hair - Little Bones [Spell Circle] Collabor88
Dress - Emery [Vietnam Fringed Dress] Collabor88
Vest - Baiastice [Marianne Vest-Burgundy] Collabor88
Coat - Rowne [Von Jarrar Coat]
Clutch - Meisu [Gatsby Clutch]
Necklace - Glow [Tripple Chain] TDR Fusion
Necklace 2 - LaGyo [Mave necklace] Collabor88
Bracelet - Meisu [1week Watch]
Shoes - 1992 [Briant Pumps]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Skin - New Faces [Carla] The chapter four
Hair,Hat - Fiore [Quinn]
Coat - Pepe [Faeona Jacket]
Legging - Rowne [Maja Leather Leggins]
Shoes - Co57 [Lasercut pump]

Skin - New Faces [Flora] The Fantasy Collective
Hair,Hat - Lelutka [Frenkie]
Coat - Erratic [mischa – wrap-coat]
Shoes - Eudora3D [Elvira Heels]
Clutch - David Heather [Renama Clutch]
Ring - Le Primitif [Freakshow Ring]


212S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Hair - Spellbound [Serenity]
Collar - Pixicat [Sweet Collar]
Sweater - Milk Motion [Loose knit sweater] Collabor88
Skirt - Rowne [Kane Jersey Skirt]
Shades - Le Primitif [ Fleur Shades] Kustom9
Clutch - Overhigh [Gun Clutch]
Shoes - Esque [Linx Ribbon Sandal]

Hair - Chemistry [Mila v1]
Dress - 1992 [Safety Pin Shift]
Collar - Tee*fy [Detachable Peter Pan Collar]
Top - Lethal [Comfy Shrug] Kustom9
Shoes - Co57 [Khloe Pump]
Shades - Lethal [Kitty Shades] The Showroom
Bag - Lethal [Quilted Handbag] Kustom9
Bangle - Gizza [Pearl Set]



S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair - Tulip [Kara]
Bow - Gizza [Headscarf] The Chapter Four
Sweater - Rowne [Mila Knit Sweater]
Skirt - Ryvolter [Irina Flare Mini]
Shoes - Dirty Mind [Atlantis Platform Boots]
Clutch - H.m.e.a.m [Nora Purse]
Jewel - Pixicat [The Rabbit]


Look 02:
Hair - Lelutka [Bonjour]
Sweater - Pixicat [Sweet Sweater] Kustom9
Shorts - Seul [Elise Leather Skort]
Boots - Ison [thigh high hoove boots] Collabor88
Bag - Faenzo [Canvas Leather Tote]
Earrings - Yummy [Large Pearl Earring]




S  T  Y  L  E   –   I  N  F  O

Look 01:
Hair -Truth [Vixen] Uber event
Top -Pixicat [Cheeky Top]
Jacket -Diram [Yasmine Moncler]
Skirt -Cheeky [Marie high long skirt] The Suicide Dollz Event
Shoes -Esque [Zareena Sandals]
Clutch -Mijn [triangular cube clutch]
Necklace -Eclat [Geomtric Necklace]
Bracelets -Ryca


Look 02:
Skin -New Faces [Vanessa]
Hair -Ison [Diamond]
Dress -1992 [Wrap Dress]
Sweater -Emery [Doom Pullover Latte]
Boots -Just Magnetized [ Ultra Platform Boots]
Necklace -Lagyo [Fay necklace]
Clutch -Ison [Folded leather clutch]